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  • 05/2017: Invited review paper (led by Boris) on Photonic nanojet techonology yesterday, today and tomorrow is coming out (link).
  • 04/2017: Our  superlens work was selected and reported by the Welsh Government flagship magazie   "Advances" (page 9, Issue 81, Spring 2017) [link].
  • 04/2017: New technology for micropsheres ordering was developed (link).
  • 04/2017: Commerically viable design of Bangor superlens was developed (link).
  • 03/2017: Congratulation to PhD student James Monks who won EPS-QEOD travel grant (only one from UK) to attend CLEO/Europen-EQEC 2017 Germany.
  • 03/2017: Our latest reserch leaflet for Chief Science Advisor of Wales (PDF)
  • 02/2017: Deliver RSC/ERDF lecture at School of Chemisty (poster).
  • 02/2017: Light foucsing movie for n=1.5 sphere  (link) and cylinder (link)
  • 02/2017: EU project (SUMCASTEC) started,our team will contribute to the nano-imaging functionality of the proposed chip.
  • 11/2016: Opening position - We are recruiting a posdoc with experience in micro/nano-particle synthesis, deadline Dec 20th 2016. [job advert] (this job is now closed)
  • 19/08/2016: another work, Bio-superlens based on spider silk has now been published in nano letters. Besides previous report by MIT Technology Review, new media coverges pour in, including BBC:










  • 03/05/2016: MIT Technology review: reported [news] our new discovery, Spider silk works as superlens! - an excellent work by a final year student working in my superlens group at Bangor University. [arxiv Manuscript].

  • will present our new work on  all-dielectric metamaterial superlens in PIERS2016 in Shanghai August 8-11, 2016. [Abstract]
  • New papers published, on new designs of microsphere superlens providing greatly enhanced resolution [Opt. Commun] [Opt. Lett.].
  • Review on microsphere super-resolution imaging is now published [Royal acedamy of Chemistry]
  • Check our latest scanning superlens imaging video on youtube: [link]

16/03/2016: Two new papers published, on new designs of microsphere superlens providing greatly enhanced resolution [Opt. Commun] [Opt. Lett.].

10/01/2016:  Review on microsphere super-resolution imaging is now published [PDF] .


18/12/2015:  Recently, we discovered a new photonic effect which may lead to a new type of 'perfect   lens'. I will talk this in the coming PQE2016 conference, January3-8, Utah, USA. Hope to meet some old friends there.