Month: December 2019

12/2019: Preprint “Unibody microscope objective tipped with a microsphere: design, fabrication and application in subwavelength imaging” (Submitted on 19 Dec 2019) Microsphere-based subwavelength imaging technique was first demonstrated in 2011. After nearly a decade of efforts, such technique has spawned numerous interests in fields such as laser nano-machining, imaging, sensing and biological detection. For wider industrial scale application of the technique, a robust, low-cost objective lens incorporating microsphere lens is […]

12/2019: Preprint: Far-field Compound Super-resolution Lens for direct laser writing of arbitrary nano patterns and beyond (in-press Optics Letters) (Submitted on 8 Oct 2019) A low-cost compound super-resolution lens, consisting of a Plano-Convex lens and a Microsphere lens (PCM), was proposed and demonstrated for subwavelength direct laser scanning writing application. The PCM lens can achieve a far-field super-resolution of ~{\lambda}/3.5 in air (~6 um away from lens) which surpasses resolution limit of existing […]

12/2019: Paper published: “Full three-dimensional Poynting vector flow analysis of great field-intensity enhancement in specifically sized spherical-particles” published

Abstract The Poynting vector plays a key role in electrodynamics as it is directly related to the power and the momentum carried by an electromagnetic wave. Based on the Lorenz-Mie theory, we report on the focusing effect of a spherical particle-lens by properly analysing the Poynting vector maps. Conventional two-dimensional (2D) maps showing Poynting vector […]

12/2019: Paper published: High order Fano resonances and giant magnetic fields in dielectric microspheres

Abstract We show that weakly dissipating dielectric spheres made of materials such as glass, quartz, etc. can support high order Fano resonances associated with internal Mie modes. These resonances, happening for specific values of the size parameter, yield field-intensity enhancement factors on the order of 104–107, which can be directly obtained from analytical calculations. Associated […]