Month: February 2020

02/2020: PCM superlens nanopatterning paper published

An important paper for micosphere-based superlens technology, first demostration in the field that particle lens is designed in a way that make distance monitoring and scanning easier, as a result, any patterns can be written directly with laser with subwavelength resolution, in a far-field and air condition. I hope you will find this technology interesting […]

02/2020: We are seeking supplier for a new optical microscope with automated 3D imaging function

New tender is online: Feburary 21 2020 Bangor University are planning to purchase an optical microscope for imaging of various research samples including laser processed industrial samples (e.g., metals, plastics, cardboards), semiconductor chips and photonic devices. The microscope must be able to achieve an optical magnification range of 20x-7000x, having a motorized focus (z-direction) […]