12/2019: Paper published: High order Fano resonances and giant magnetic fields in dielectric microspheres

Abstract We show that weakly dissipating dielectric spheres made of materials such as glass, quartz, etc. can support high order Fano resonances associated with internal Mie modes. These resonances, happening for specific values of the size parameter, yield field-intensity enhancement factors on the order of 104–107, which can be directly obtained from analytical calculations. Associated […]

Past news

09/2019: Review chapter ‘Super-resolution imaging and microscopy by dielectric particle-lenses‘ published in book ‘label-Free Super-Resolution Microscopy’, ISBN 978-3-030-21722-8, Springer (2019). 06/2019: Anti-laser metafilter work was featured in Advances in Engineering (link). 06/2019: Super-resonance effect discovered theorectically (link). We look for collobrator on experiments. 05/2019: BU01872: A part-time project admin post is avaliable, deadline May 22 […]